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Too Much Sex Info

What you should really not be telling people...

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This is a community inspired by too_much_info. Basically, it's the same idea, but focussed on sexual situations/things.

The mods are quecojones (owner) and araathwen.

This is a closed community. You need to either have your FULL birthdate included in your profile, or just IM or email one of us with your FULL date of birth and livejournal user name. Please try to avoid commenting in our journals about joining. If you don't get a response from us within 2-3 days, use commenting as a last resort. Thank you.

NOTE: If you have been denied membership, it could be for one of the following reasons:

-You did not include your full birthdate in your profile OR email us your full birthdate before joining
-You are not 18 or over
-You have some RIDICULOUS year for your birthdate (i.e, 1900). Who do you think you're fooling? This one is rare, but it does happen. If you do happen to be born in 1900, making you 109, and you want to still join...then by all means, try again.

If you were denied and none of those instances matches you, please contact one of us immediately and we'll fix it.


1) 18+ only
2) If posting pictures, USE THE CUT (even if it's just one picture; no matter how small). If you forget to use the cut, a comment will be posted to you to go back and fix it. If you fail to do so within a couple hours, we will email you. If you continue to fail to do so, we will copy your entry and email it to you, then the entry will be deleted. LJ does not allow anyone but the poster to make changes to any entries, so it is up to you to include the LJ cut. If your entry is deleted because you failed to use the cut, simply copy and paste the entry that we emailed to you into a new entry, but this time include the cut.
3) Be nice
4) Any posts violating LJ TOS will be deleted, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
5) No beastiality. Sorry folks.
6) Just like in too_much_info, you will only get 3 WARNINGS before you are banned.
7) This is a "Too Much Sex Info" community. That means that each post you make here should have something in sexual nature that does not contradict with other rules.
8.) Porn Star Guru links are not allowed guys!! Seriously, quecojones will beat you down if you even try :P
9.) Absolutely no deleting of comments or entries. The only exception to this rule is if you accidently post it more than once. If you need something deleted, contact us.
10.) No advertising or shameless promotions, especially for other communities (EXCEPT if the communities have a sexual theme...then that is ok).
11.) There will be no bashing of people due to their sexual preferences! THIS WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC BAN FROM THE COMMUNITY! No warning will be given. Such ignorance will not be tolerated.
12.)TO REPEAT: ALL PICTURES MUST BE BEHIND A CUT, and if your picture is well off the mainstream ( such as sexual/gory, sexual/tasteless etc.)then YOU MUST ATTACH A WARNING AS TO CONTENT. If this rule is violated, your post will be deleted and you will be issued a warning. If you violate it again, you will be banned from this community. If you have concerns or reservations about a post and/or picture, please email one of the moderators and ask for assistance.

If you have any problems with any of these rules, or with any posts you happen to come across, please feel free to bring it to our attention.