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heyy!!!!! im kaylee and this is myy firrrrrst time posting here.
ok well im 18 & from miami and my bf and me LUUUUUUUVVVVV sex!!!
espically really kinki sex.
so we were having anal sex doggy style cuz thats like the best way to fuck..
i luv anal!
so anyway he told me to lean up
and so i did
then he started giving me the himlick manuver!!!!
omgggggggg it felt soooo wonderful.
i puked all over his legs and rubbed it in w/ my hands.
he luvvvved it soo much!
aftrwardz he gagged me w/ a sock, handcuffed me to the bed and fucked me regular style w/ him on top.

anyone else like to give the himlick manuver while havin anal?!!?
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