Jennifer (jennyfurrlynn) wrote in 2_much_sex_info,

jail bait

Attention guys!

we have minors in the community. so far, i've discovered 13. sexity_sex_sex, blackflamez, breezy01, ghettofridge, kixxy (you just missed it by a month...sorry, rules are rules. come back in a month :D), kut_u_up_b182, longlivethecow, metallcarox55, moochild, oioichaosrules, ziggysan, razormirror, sampagita you guys are banned until you are 18 years of age, come back when you're 18 and we'll welcome you with open arms.

i can't sleep folks, so it's gonna be a long night of making sure all of you folks are legal. if you do not have your full birthday listed in your profile...2 things. 1, why not? and 2, put it there for me.

yea, i realize this post doesn't have tmsi in it...i'll post a big, juicy detailed one sometime over the weekend.

that is all

*edit* ok maybe i won't see them all tonight...but by monday, i will have seen each and every one of you guys' profile pages..please include your birthdays IN FULL

*edit**edit*we're not, unless quecojones wants it, limiting the community to those with full birthdays listed. i will be updating this journal entry frequently with the list of those banned. If you don't have your full birthday listed, you will either get a comment from me in your journal or an email by monday. If you refuse to give me your full birthday (believe me, i've run into some already), then I will be forced to ban you. Just cooperate with me guys.
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