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So I finaly had sex today for the first time since...june (long sabatical for me) And normaly, I would not complain about having sex. And in truth I suppose i really shouldn't. But..geeh. *whimpers* It was SO not good! The only exciting part was that it was in the guys living room and his brother could have come in at any second and we would be there on the couch with me stradeling my friend. Now normaly the situation alone would get me hot and it did. But..he was no good! You know how you can know a person for a while and fantasize how someone might be in bed and then you get some really good masturbation thoughts and just go at it alone thinking about whoever it is. ((I do/did that)) But then you finaly after so long get the real thing...and its a total let down... I HATE THAT! I think I've had one successful story on my fantasies and unfortunately he and I never got together but the once. *pout* Today's guy was a good kisser yes, he went down on me a total plus, but...when it came right down to it...even I couldn't make it even better and I tried! I tried so hard! He got off, good for him...I didn't. I think I got about...half way down the road to getting off. We'll still be friends and I might give him another chance or two just to see if maybe it was a fluke, bad timing or something. But talk about disapointment. Tell me I'm not the only one who's been in this situation...
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