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oh yuuuuumm....

So I just spend the last hour or so talking to my boyfriend and sending him pictures of hot androgynous japanese guys. I love having a bisexual boyfriend and talking about how sexy all of these guys are together. It's just so much fun. Then we started talking about how we really need to find another bisexual boy who would want to fool around with us...because we want to suck a cock together at least ONCE. Oh yum.

Oh yeah, and he sent me here. I love being able to drool over things like that with him.

The fact that he wants a cock in his mouth makes him that much hotter to me. That and it's funny how when I complain about the random cock sucking urges that I get how he can completely and totally relate. It's awesome.

Too bad he is a country away right now. I could use some sex. Damnitall.

I WANT SEX! A hot nasty threesome with two boys...MMMMMM!!!
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