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True story of a trick I taught my new grlfriend.  All it takes is one dildo and one cunt to learn how.


"Can you pick up a dildo with your cunt?" I asked her.

"Don't know.  Haven't tried."

"Yeah, but you've been practicing your Kegels?  Right?  I think you can.  Try this.   Squat down over this dildo."  I pull an average size smoothie out of my toy box.  Hold it beneath her as she slowly impales herself on it.  I watch the dildo disappear inside her.

"Okay, got it mostly in there now.  Squeeze really tight and lift your hips.  Like your trying to pull the dildo off the bed."  I gently release my fingers.  The dildo rises a little, then slips down and out.

"Let's try that again.  The whole idea is to squeeze it tight enough to hold it inside you so it doesn't slip even if you're wet."

She tries again.  No go this time.

I pull out one with ridges on it.  "Let's try a different one.  This  one should be easier to grip."

She lowers herself down onto it.  Her pussy lips slowly flow over each ridge as she engulfs it.

"Now squeeze and lift."  The dildo goes up, stays up as she lifts her thighs.

"Excellent!  You're doing well.  Keep holding.  Relax and let it slip."

The dildo falls.

"Now try your Kegels with the dildo each day instead of just doing them with nothing.  You'll develop your Kegel muscles much quicker.  Nothing like a little visual and tactile feedback to tell you how well you're doing."

"Now watch this."  I lower myself onto the dildo.  Squeeze tight and lift.  It rises as I left my hips off the bed.

"This time, I'll let it slip a bit down, and then hold again."  She stares intently at my cunt.  I relax my cunt a little, just enough so the dildo slips slowly without falling out.  It goes an inch, and stops as I tighten again.

She smiles.  I smile.

"Look ma, no hands!"  I say.  She smiles her silly grin at me.

"Now it goes back up."  I squeeze very tightly at the introitus.   The vaginal muscles right at opening squeeze and push it into me.  The dildo rises.

"Whoa!  How'd you that!?"  she gasps.

"It's called pompoir.  I taught myself how to control the muscles right at the opening, but keep the others relaxed. This is easier to do with some dildos than others."

The dildo slips on its own.  I catch it with another squeeze.


A few weeks pass.  She and I practice our Kegels together each evening.  Almost each evening.  We kneel facing each other on  the bed so we can watch each other.  Slide down onto our toys, squeeze together and rise.  More fun exercising with a partner.  ;-)

During one exercise, she asks "Have you ever squeezed a guy like this?"

"Oh, yeah.  I tried it on a couple of guys.  The squeeze alone is quite the thrill for them.  Once you get good enough you can stay perfectly still, and squeeze their cocks rhythmically.  I can't do it for more than a few minutes at a time."

With a few more practice sessions she soon learns to pull it up into her.

Together we learn to squeeze it in and out.  Pull in, push out.  Each lowering and raising her dildo.


"Here, let's try this."  I get a double-ended dildo.  Not the long one, just the foot long.

"Okay, you lie back against those pillows.  I'll lie down facing you with our legs crossing."  Our cunts are a few inches apart.  Not close enough for a lip kiss.  I push one end of the dildo into me.  Then I position myself and she takes the other end into her.

"I'll squeeze first and you relax."  The dildo slides into her.

"Your turn.  Squeeze and push it to me."  It slides back into me.

We take turns.  Back and forth, forth and back.  Into her.  Into me.  Into her again.

"This is funner way to exercise than doing it separately."  She smiles at me.

"Yeah," I smile back.  "and I'm glad I have a grlfriend like you to do this with."


"Strap on?"

"Sure. Why not?"

I put on the harness, adjust the dildo.  I climb on top and enter her.  My grlfriend loves this.

"Squeeze as I slowly pump."  She knows the Routine.  We do the CAT position.  More fun than doggy style.

She gets a double screamer.  I smile knowing I can give her that.

"Pompoir makes the orgasms more intense."

"Yeah."  Dreamy smile all over her.  Me too.

"We should try this on a guy or two."

"Maybe, if they are trainable, and know how to play safe."


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